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Certified Organic German White, German Red and Russian Red Garlic

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OG German Red is a beautiful certified organic hardneck garlic from the rocambole family of garlics. There are 6-9 good sized cloves situated around the central stem. The color of the skin on the cloves is usually a brilliant red and it has a hot and spicy flavor lending itself to Mexican and other Latin American dishes. We ship bulbs that measure a minimum ob 2" in diameter. Expect an average of 40 cloves per lb.
OG German White is a certified organic very sturdy porcelain type of hardneck garlic that generally produces 6-8 cloves situated around the central stem. They grow fairly large and have an excellent strong flavor that becomes sweet and mild when cooked. We ship bulbs that measure a minimum of 2" in diameter. Expect an average of 30 cloves per lb.
OG Italian Red is a wonderful hardneck garlic from the porcelain family. Similar in form to the German White with generally a little more heat. We ship bulbs that measure an average of 1.75" in diameter. Expect an average of 40 cloves per lb. Very limited supply this year
Medium Size OG German White OG Chesnok Red Garlic OG Inchelium Red
Medium Size OG German White is a certified organic porcelain. Save money by choosing this planting stock. The bulbs measure a minimum of 1.5" in diameter and up to just under 2". You can expect 50 to 60 plantable cloves per pound. Garlic generally sizes up when sufficient fertility is available which means that you can expect to harvest bulbs that are 2" plus. This is a good choice for CSA's, selling at Farmers' Markets and selling to restaurants. Minimum order is 10 pounds.
Chesnok Red, a purple stripe garlic originally from the Republic of Georgia has a nice full garlicky flavor with medium heat. It has a sweet creamy taste when roasted. There are abpout 8 to 10 good size easy peel cloves around a central stem and you can expect about 40-50 cloves in each pound. Bulbs can grow fairly large with good organic material in the soil. This is a strikingly beautiful variety with purple stripes against a pikish white background.
Inchelium Red (artichoke type) is a fairly large softneck garlic that is well known for medium hotness and full garlicky flavor. The bulb generally consists of 10-12 large easy peel clves. Stores well into the fhe following year.
OG Garden to Kitchen Variety Pack OG Music Garlic
  • The Garden to Kitchen variety Pack contains 2 bulbs of 3 different varieties of garlic. The yield should be a minimum of 36 plants. Contains German White which is a very sturdy porcelain with strong flavor, large cloves, many culinary uses and has a nutty sweet flavor when cooked. German Red is hotter (spicier than GW) rocambole and lends itself well to Latin American cooking. Inchelium Red is an rtichoke softneck that has less heat with a wonderful garlicky flavor. Planting these varieties is a great way for people with kitchen gardens or edible landscapes to enjoy some different options outdoors and in the kitchen as well.
Music is a hardneck from the porcelain family of garlics. It is smimilar to the German White but has a little hotter flavor when eaten raw. Typically expect 4 large cloves per head and about 20 cloves per pound.