Greetings and welcome to the 2014 GARLIC SEASON!
Today is Monday, 9/8/14. We are rapidly approaching garlic planting time here in the
Northeast (end of September/beginning October).
We have plenty of the medium grade German White and Italian Red
porcelain hardnecks for planting available. The G.W. and I.R.
medium grade stock needs to be ordered via email or by phone.
Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards, Ed Fraser

Welcome to the Fraser’s Garlic Farm site!

My name is Ed Fraser, the owner and operator of Fraser’s Garlic Farm, which is southwest of Rochester, NY.
We grow garlic for planting (seedstock), growing and eating (tablestock).

Since 1993, Fraser’s Garlic Farm has been growing several varieties of high quality, safe nutrient-dense garlic.
The food on your table is only as good as the soil from which it is grown – it’s as simple as that,
which is why we’re dedicated to maintaining the health of our soil using sustainable organic farming methods.

Fraser’s Garlic Farm also enjoys teaching people how to grow, harvest, store and use garlic.
If you’d like to learn more about growing garlic or about sustainable farming in general,
I can arrange group and individual farm tours as well as internship opportunities.

Or if you’re just interested in purchasing garlic – naturally grown and organically grown – and garlic seeds,
contact us here or call us at (585)350-8295.
Visit us on Facebook!