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2019 SEASON 


2019 Harvest!

 Fortunately we were able to get some  garlic planted last Fall, but it was not easy. The weather here in the Northeast was not very kind to us farmers. Many garlic growers told us that they were unable to plant because of the continuous rains and wet soils.last Fall. We now know that planting stock is in short supply this year and are urging everyone to order early. This way you can be sure to have garlic before we run out. Additionally we have noticed that due to climate change, there seems to be more precipitation in the Fall after October 1st. For that reason, you may want to have your soil prepared and even try and plant garlic before the end of September. We are out of stock on a couple varieties already. Looking for a good porcelain? Try the medium size Italian Red. You get 55-60 plantable clover per pound.


A family owned certified organic garlic farm in its 25th year providing high quality garlic seed stock to gardeners, farmers and seed companies throughout the U.S. Our farm is located in Western New York State where the soils and climate lend themselves to growing great garlic. Please check out the garlic varieties that we have available this year, . As always, please feel free to contact us for more information and have a great season!

Thank you,
Ed Fraser & Family