Welcome to Fraser's Garlic Farm!

2020 SEASON 

Today is Sunday, November 15, 2020 

Next season's crop is planted and covered for the Winter. We are now SOLD OUT of everything for this year and want to thank everyone for your purchase. 

I do a three hour consultation during Dec., Jan., Feb. or March for those interested in starting a garlic operation on your farm. Call me to schedule.

Ed Fraser (585) 350-8295 

Stay tuned, I will have a new website in the next couple of months featuring some specialty garlics for sale next season.

Hope everyone stays safe, healthy and has a good Winter and Srping!


2019 Harvest!



A family owned certified organic garlic farm in its 25th year providing high quality garlic seed stock to gardeners, farmers and seed companies throughout the U.S. Our farm is located in Western New York State where the soils and climate lend themselves to growing great garlic. Please check out the garlic varieties that we have available this year, . As always, please feel free to contact us for more information and have a great season!

Thank you,
Ed Fraser & Family